Favorite Indiana Jones movie?

Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movies of all time, not sure which one (Would have to be either Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade) but let me know which one you like and explain why it’s your favorite.


Same here

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Raiders, or Temple

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Definitely the Last Crusade, but when you look at the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, you begin to see some of the background into it.

Spielberg, being jewish, was basically making a “childhood” movie about sticking it to the nazis and stopping them from getting away from stealing Jewish heritage. The whole series is based off of a 1940’s adventure serial. Which is lovely, really.

That’s the genius of this series. It was built around nostalgia and made a perfect adventure movie series.


@Chronicler That is why I love Indiana Jones so much. So nostalgic and to me, the quintessential adventure-action movie. Also of course, Harrison Ford, who gives the movie even more of its charm and charisma.

@Winterstorm345 Temple of Doom is pretty good to. But I’ve always had one question about that movie, why didn’t Indy adopt Short Round?

@jacques I did like temple of doom but yeah, it wasn’t my favorite but yes, the plot and action are good.

@Darth_trevan Lol all the movies mashed into one.


Raiders of the Lost Ark as it’s the only one I’ve seen

Although its probably the unpopular opinion, I’ve always liked Temple the most. The plot and action were A+

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I haven’t watched these since I was eleven so I dunno

-Temple of the raiders of the last crystal skull-
Jk I gotta say the last crusade


The Last Crusade. It is the quintessential Indiana Jones movie.


Last Crusade, I’ve watched this movie more times than I’d be willing to admit

Totally agree. Raiders is good and memorable, but Crusade ups the ante on how fun it is to watch.

These movies never quite clicked for me (I saw the TV show first and liked it better XD ), but Raiders and Last Crusade were both good.

I HATED Temple of Doom, and thought Crystal Skull was ok.

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@John_Smith I thought both of those movies were okay, I did think that temple of doom was a little bit better. But also people gave crystal skull more hate than it deserved.

@Chronicler Lol nice.


Temple of Doom.

Don’t hurt me.

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What? Why is this tagged as star wars?

A New Hope. Oh wait… I meant to say Raiders of the Lost Ark

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