Favorite LEGO Star Wars Sets

Welcome to Star Wars and Lego lovers! Post your favorite SW sets here. Because I can’t decide, here are two of mine:





I think this one earns superiority over the other versions by sheer volume of minifigs alone.


I personally thought the inclusion of western pistols was a weird choice, though.

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the cool blasters didn’t exist until like, 2007 or whatever

and the alternative(the megaphone with the stud like in the games) isn’t really much better

So I say it’s acceptable.




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That battle pack, along with the hyperspace ring I posted and the droid battle pack from the same year, were my first real Lego Sets. Nostalgia. :smile:

@Apophyx True, but I meant sets people already have.

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My first was the battlepack :grin:. But sadly, I lost the clone with the yellow markings :cry:

I switched his arms too much (from white to yellow and back and forth) that he can’t hold a pose. I’m sorry, though. :cry:

###I will deal with this jedi slime myself


I love this Grievous as well, along with him is Vader (CCBS versions, obviously).

Wait minute…

I just caught that.

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Just for being my first set, 7251 Darth Vader Transformation is a personal favorite of mine

This is from Nostalgia Alone. It has a cool gimmick and all, but it just looks a bit bare nowadays.

Although 75105 Millennium Falcon is a relatively new set, it’s fantastic in my opinion

Although most fans dislike it for being a “Clone” set, I never picked up the 2011 Falcon, so my only [reasonable] option was to pick up the TFA version of the iconic Star Wars ship. Besides being a bit out of scale with the minifigures like nearly every other major vehicle in the line, it portrays the actual Millennium Falcon extremely well.

When I learned 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina was coming out, I just had to buy the brick-form of one of my favorite Star Wars Scenes

Not only does it contain the iconic Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (A.K.A The Cantina Band), but the set also includes the most accurate take on a Landspeeder from an official LEGO product so far The building itself is pretty great, with a variety of small rooms that allows for the re-creation of some of the film’s more iconic scenes. My only real complaint was the lack of a bartender, but eh, I can live without one.

I love myself some Star Wars playsets, so 75093 Death Star Final Duel is here

I bought this set for a few reasons. One, to get the new Vader, since he’s one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. Although his helmet is quite a bit taller now, its function makes up for it in my opinion. Two, To have the set version of my third favorite Star Wars scene. The Final Duel does the Latter very well, and for that, I love it.

Honorable Mentions

  • 75117 Kylo Ren
  • 75049 Snowspeeder
  • 7657 AT-ST
  • 75081 T-16 Skyhopper
  • 75075 AT-AT (MicroFighters)

Grievous Ultrabuild (or bae)
Kylo Ultra Build
Rey Ultrabuild
Stormtrooper Ultrabuild
Phasma Ultrabuild
Jango Ultrabuild

I don’t collect the system sets so yeah



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I’d say Slave 1 (2010) and the Falcon (2011) make for my favorites; They’re both iconic sets, and I once had both.
Besides, the Falcon has most of the major minifigs, unfortunately excluding R2 & 3PO, with some of the most accurate figure designs (Han and Luke didn’t have that ridiculous smirk, for one. XP)

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Also, that was done for a certain bounty hunter due to the design of his pistols in the movies, where they looked very similar to a real-life pistol.

My favorite sets? UCS Slave 1and the UCS Razor Crest, as well as multiple Imperial battle packs over the last decade (especially the one with the Imperial Shock Trooper. That guy was epic!)