Favorite live action DC show and movie?

Since the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover is releasing pretty soon, I’m curious to see if anyone has a favorite live action DC shows or movies, like Titans, Doom Patrol, Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman, Smallville, Shazam!, etc;. My favorite show is Smallville, and my favorite movie is The Dark Knight.


My favorite movie is Shazam.
…because that’s the only one I’ve seen.

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Legends of Tomorrow is a complete and utter dumpster fire. I can’t stop watching it!


The Dark Knight Trilogy are the best movies, and Legends is the only CW show that isn’t a mess right now, and that’s because it knows it’s a joke…

Flash fell apart after Season 2, and Arrow has fallen into repetitive behaviors that I feel sad watching. I still like the shows, but I’m sad that they have fallen to be what they are today. I’m excited for Arrow Season 8, though.

And I can’t bring myself to watch Supergirl.


For the most part I’ve just given up on the CW shows. Except the crossovers. I’m so excited to see Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprise their roles from Smallville. And Brandon Routh is gonna play Superman again, and his new costume is amazing. Aside from the CW shows, Titans and Doom Patrol on DC’s streaming service are worth watching. They’re well written compared to the CW shows…


Anywho, Brave and the bold is probably one of my favorite DC shows. The entire thing is just, well, OUTRAGEOUS!


I wasn’t expecting to like Aquaman since I wasn’t a fan of the other DCEU films leading up to it, but that film is a visual spectacle. Not just well executed CGI, but character / creature / armour / weapon designs are all top notch. A level of visual creativity that the rest of the DCEU was lacking. It’s also incredibly well shot especially during the action scenes.

I also really liked Shazam too. Turns out hiring horror directors into the DCEU is a good strategy for great films.


I really liked the live action Green Lantern.


I still have yet to see it. I’ve seen conflicting points on either side. Just the sheer amount of stuff it gets into later on seems interesting enough to at least give it a try though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, please don’t kill me, but I haven’t watched the Dark Knight Trilogy :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched Rises, like, once, but… I’ve always really been too busy to see the other two, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t speak for Doom Patrol, but Titans is just awful. It is painfully edgy, Robin is an insufferable whiny… things I can’t say on this website. Barring Raven, the main cast is undeniably the show’s worst set of characters. I honestly even consider giving Doom Patrol a chance just because those characters alone didn’t make me want to commit not aliving. My expectations were already in the floor and it still managed to find ways to disappoint me. And yes, I did watch the entire thing - I don’t leave a job half done, I wanted to make sure I had seen everything this dumpster fire had to offer. That final episode in particular just sealed it for me: what a joke.

No, I’m not going to endure another season of this garbage just because you teased Superboy - get out of my face with this crap.

The CW shows are boring and repetitive as heck now, but they were at least watchable.

Swamp Thing, on the other hand? That’s alright. Constantine was also great. Shame they both got cancelled though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was certainly lacking in the story department. I think the character has much more potential in that regard. But yes, it was gorgeous, and I’m glad that it wasn’t afraid to go all-in with the creature design.

I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree with you there. I tried rewatching it a few weeks ago… I had more fun laughing at Justice League. It’s quite possibly one of the blandest films I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching :stuck_out_tongue:

Live action DC movies that I like… uh… Oh yes, Batman '89 is a classic. If only for the score and visual design. It’s just… :ok_hand:

There’s also something distinctly charming and funny to me about Keaton having to turn his entire body upwards to look up. I’m easily amused, I know :stuck_out_tongue:


I can understand your dislike for Titans. I feel like season 1 has been eh, mediocre at best, garbage at worst, and a lot of the characters were terrible in that season, the only one I liked was Gar. But I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree that it’s another season of garbage. The 2nd season so far has been more of an improvement and feels like a breath of fresh air that is freeing from the frustrating chokehold of the 1st season.

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t seen any of it. I never cared to look. As far as I’m concerned, it had an entire season to prove itself, and it blew it. I’m not going to waste my energy on another.

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My relationship with live action DC is a tough one. It all started back in the 2000’s, when as a wee little Sabretooth, I always noticed my dad’s Smallville dvd collection. I had not ever watched the show at the time, only seeing a few clips, and yet it somehow became one of the ultimate symbols of the early 2000s for me. I think it’s because my dad always played music from it. Anyway, moving on, I, the ultimate Batman fan, was introduced to the classic batman and superman movies. I loved them. Then, the Dark Knight trilogy came around, and I was not allowed to watch it. Eventually, I ended up in a car with someone who was playing The Dark Knight over the little TV in the back. Unfortunately, Heath’s epic Joker portrayal scared the living daylights out of late elementary school me, and I became afraid to watch that movie in full. I did watch the other two, though, and loved them. (Eventually I came to love The Dark Knight too) Then Man of Steel came out, and it was great. Then Batman v Superman came out, and I thought it was amazing, and I was crushed when I found out everyone hated it. Now, going into the CW shows. I never watched Arrow, but Flash used to be my literal favorite live action TV show at the time of it’s early days. Legends was neat too. I never got into Supergirl. But as time went on with the CW shows, they began to royally tick me off more and more. I hardly watch them now, but I’m really excited for the crossover as well. Also, Suicide Squad was garbage, Wonder Woman rocked, Justice League was… it had it’s moments. Aquaman was cool. Shazam was also really cool.
Overall, DC animated is amazing, and DC live action has had it’s moments.

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