Favorite Ninjago CMFs?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting many fantastic new Lego Ninjago Movie sets revealed. One of the more interesting of these sets are the CMFs. I have been hearing several differing opinions over some of the figures in the series. I was curious as to everyone’s opinions on these guys here. So what are your opinions? Which are your favorites, and which are your least favorites? As for me, I personally quite enjoy the flashback Garmadon and the shark army great white, while I am not very fond of the N-pop girl and Gong & Guitar rocker. But that’s just my thoughts. Please, share yours. I’m very curious as to which ones are more popular then others.

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Citizen Jay and Zane are great (more Zane tho), while hoodie Lloyd is interesting despite being in a retail set (both Ninjago City sets).
That said, Ninja Lloyd is by far my least favorite minifig; minifigs like this, kendo Kai, samurai Garmadon with black straw hat, and training Nya (Brown katanas aren’t bad but still) took up spots for more sought-after characters like, I dunno, Pythor or Skylor or Dareth or any other likely minifigs in the movie. To be fair, such characters may not be in the movie, but one can dream…


Not a CMF but the Galidor ■■■■■ Guy from Ninjago City.

Sad that we will never get more galidor sets and pieces. Wah wah.