Favorite Scenes from Fanfics

Okay, here let’s talk about your favorite scenes from fanfics you’ve written.

My personal favorite is during a BIONICLE and Transformers crossover, when all the inhabitants of Spherus Magna have to evacuate because Unicron’s coming, and Good Guy gets left behind.


Do movies count? Because the scene in Reviving Bionicle when you find out that Greg was Voriki the whole time left me gasping for air I was so surprised.


Yes, it does. And yes, I agree. Quite the twist.

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In a fic @Bobofoot wrote and should finish, there was a massive, ho holds barred fight between Umarak and Pohatu. Still one of my favorite fight scenes that I can no longer read.


Probably this plot hole in a story I wrote when I was 13…

Okay so there is this girl who was created by the villains of the show it was based on (what show is not important)

So one of the villains is tasked to go find her. He encounters her, tells her who he’s looking for, then leaves.

So your guess is that maybe he didn’t recognize her. Maybe he didn’t see what she looked like prior to her disappearance, right?

Earlier in the story said villain was shown in a flash back when she was created, so he had no reason to not recognize her, aside from the fact that I think she was wearing different clothes.

That’s like not recognizing your friend because he/she was wearing a different ■■■■■ than the last time you saw him.


I don’t know if you’d count this as a fanfic, and it’s technically not even written yet, but there’s a scene I particularly enjoy in the outline for a comic I’m working on based off of my D&D campaign.

My character isn’t exactly one who likes to work with other people, but his quest for a magical artifact that can revive the dead brings him into an alliance with four other people. After crashing their carriage, getting lost in the forest, and narrowly avoiding execution at the hands of a village of halflings, my character has had enough and decides to sneak away in the night.

As he’s leaving, he runs into one of the members of his group, a female elf. In this world, elves don’t need sleep, so my character gets caught by her as she is also wandering about in the woods. She heads out and lies down on the road outside the tree line and my character follows.

This leads to a rather heartfelt conversation about why the elf joined the party in the first place, leaving her comfortable job as a tinkerer and shop owner for a dangerous adventure. She tells my character about how she was always told by her mother that everyone has a fire inside them that drives them, but that hers was different from the rest of her clan. She thought she had found it when she moved into the city to start her shop, but she grew tired of it. When my character asks if she’s found her fire now, she replies that she isn’t yet sure, that only time will tell.

She then asks my character what his fire is, catching him off guard. Before he can answer, he hears a noise coming from the campsite…


From stuff not by me:
Definitely from @Scorpion_Strike’s “Folly of the Toa II”, the scene where Kopaka kills Pohatu (big spoiler there).
From stuff by me:
One of my long-running stories focuses on a amnesiac Matoran, Muhoe, with no idea where she came from. At the culmination of season 4, she’s attacked by a Ta-Matoran, Maurin, who for reasons he won’t quite reveal, is determined to kill Muhoe, and apparently it has something to do with her past. And for some reason, he can shoot fire from his hands now. Muhoe fights Maurin until another Matoran intervenes and kills Maurin. Muhoe is left with more questions than before – did Maurin really know her before, and if he did, what did she do to him to make him want to kill her? And how did he get fire powers?



This isn’t really my FAVORITE, but it was nonetheless memorable.

Halo and My Little Pony fanfic right

An Elite cuts off the heads of two horses hiding in a bathroom.


I love this particular quote in an early HF vs Bonkles fanfic. I’ll let it speak for itself:

"Tahu readied his sword and lashed out his rain of his elemental power of fire. But somehow, his foe managed to dodge it all.

Jimmy: Keep this up, and I’ll beat you yet.

Tahu: I have fought off the Bohrok swarms, reigned victorious over the the Brotherhood of the Makuta, and saved my own planet from destruction. YOU WILL FIND THAT I AM NOT EASILY BEATON STRANGER!!!"


My favorite part from my HF Fanfic was when I cancelled and rebooted it three times.


Any scene from my immortal/s


Probably Chapter 10 and the epilogue from my story “Comradery Falling” Which can barely even be called fanfiction, since it’s barely even based on Bonkle

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It was a blast to write as well. :smiley:

And yeah, it’s still my favorite.

The finale of a certain Star Wars Fanfic, I won’t spoil it for you, and I don’t remember where I read it, but needless to say, it was pretty epic.



Personal favorite is probably the end of the first chapter my RWBY fic, in which Jaune acquires a mechanical daughter. (and no, it’s not Penny)

A grand awakening scene as the daughter in question gains a soul.

Artillery gestured to the glorified T-S H I R T cannon
“really? That’s sooo 2007!”

Source: M.I.A chapter iv

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The lack of context here is thrilling.

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Found some more.

These are from chapter V of M.I.A (which will be posted within the week)

“Woah calm down there Freddy Krueger.” Artillery taunted as he blocked an attack with his blade

“H2-OH COME THE FRICK ON!” Artillery shouted as he fiddled with his Ankles,

“Now would be a good time to show yourself Steve Rogers!” Artillery shouted as he retrieved his boots

Artillery donned a pair of goggles than ran forward shouting. “LET US PROCEED TO MAKE SOME POOR DECISIONS!”

Edit like two years later: you may have noticed that these are all from my own story and all from the same character.

Really enjoyed writing this stuff and honestly, I am hoping to finish up M.I.A someday soon.

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I’d have to agree.

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