Favorite video game themes

as the title says, what are your favorite? my personal favs are:
5:minecraft specifically calm 3:sweden, its just so peaceful and well..calming

4:super mario galaxy: gusty garden theme: just yes, just..yes here is a extended version

3:bionicle heroes title theme: this really is cool, say what you will about the rest of the game, but the music was awesome

2:ratchet and clank into nexus: title theme (8-bit version) I love ratchet and clank its one of the first games I actually played (I am young I know also the 3rd was the first one I played) and dang into nexus was fun, short but fun none the less and this was one of the best bonuses ever

ALMIGHTY NUMBER 1!:kingdom hearts final mix (1.5 ReMix version): dearly beloved OH MY GOD this theme! its just so beautiful! its also part of one of my first games that I finished (embarrasing I know)

Legend of Zelda Theme.

Most of the music in the Megaman, Megaman X, and Megaman Zero Series.

Crash Bandicoot theme forever.


i have to agree with you on theis one but i, un-like so many others, really like the the game!

Sly Cooper Music. Any of it. Take your pick. I especially like the music from Thieves In Time.

Nothing beats Halo CE stuck_out_tongue


Just listening to the first 3 min.of this jerks at my heart. ( <--CHEESE ALERT!)
Do you happen to know the name of that part of the track?

@Greencapps I do too
@Petrus as embarrasing as this is, I have never played a sly cooper game...I plan on though
@Awesomenessborn everyones going to kill me for this but...I have never played a halo game...put your guns down..please? Im sorry! I never owned a Xbox/Xbox360.....please put your weapons down!


I get nostalgia goosebumps everytime I play this:

My number one is hands down Bionicle Heroes. ~Detox

About all Halo soundtrack except 4s, except 117/unforgotten

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Epic Skydive Music from LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

Hands down best song in any video game ever. No exceptions.

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mi favoorit gaem si spayce chanel 5

Morrowind's theme is very good!

Crysis 2 had an awesome theme.
Probably because it was composed by Hans Zimmer.

**I made a list of 5, but then realized that they were all made by Yoko Shinomura stuck_out_tongue **

these are some of my favorites