Favourite Bohrok?

we all know the bohrok aren’t really individual character and set wise, but hey who cares bohrok are the best! whats your favourit main breed (va not included, neither are the bahrag and kal)

  • Tahnok
  • Gahlok
  • Lehvak
  • Pahrak
  • Nuhvok
  • Kohrak

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Um, you may want to change up the poll. It says that I have to pick five options.


Edited Title.


No Kal?

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This poll is best poll.

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I vote to edit the poll so that each user must choose at least six options.

sorry guys I cant deal with how stupidly I’ve done this pole, I’m having troubles with it and i’m closing it.

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Well this poll won’t work.

I love all of them. Why do we always have to make decisions like that? :frowning:


I can’t vote! My favourite is your Pahrak with a vacuum cleaner.