Faylen, the Wood Goddess

After getting feedback on the first version of Faylen, I decided she definitely needed some more regal/wild flair. So here ya go.


Looks really good! if you’re not a purist swine I think maybe some weathering or markings on the mask could help it. Otehrwise this is great! I’m a big fan of the shoulders in particular.


The legs seems wide apart despite the lack of change, the cloth is a nice addition to this moc though.

@RaptorTalon Lol, there’s no way I’m doing anything to a Pakari in such good condition. But thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Square Thank you.

@Star-Lord Thanks!

yeah much better, gg brother

Good work here. Portrays a mysterious foresty vibe very well.

I like how you added more spikes and the cloth
It looks a lot better, nice job :thumbsup:

Nice color scheme all round. Definitely gives off a wood vibe

I like it, the horns effectively create a regal look, and the colors play with the design in a way that makes her feel all the more like a first spirit.

Looks pretty solid; the cloth and umarak horns really go along with the wood goddess theme.

It looks a lot better, I like the use of the cloth.

Really nice use of pieces here

Look everyone, it’s Umarak’s wife!

Jokes aside, this is a great improvement that makes the MOC even better. Great job!


Wow! That looks amazing! Real fantastic Parts usage. Great and unique MOC.

Thanks everyone!



It has a special feel, tribal and mystical, perhaps (?), that is captured very well. I really enjoy seeing the way the bow shape was pulled off, and the brown big spike pieces on the legs shape them very well. Also dig the loincloth :wink:
Lots of brown, lots of things to like on this. It’s hard to look away from!