Fehlinx, former Nynrah Ghost (and other Matoran)

A while ago I went through a bit of a Matoran streak and built several at once. They’ve all appeared in past threads but I’ve yet to feature the four of them in their own.

The main one I wanted to show off here is Fehlinx (whose name I totally didn’t make up just now), a former Nynrah Ghost who went rogue when his brothers had kidnapped Gaardus. He wandered, offering his services to whoever would pay for them, though without access to the tools he had with his brothers, he had to make due with what he could carry. The quality of his craftsmanship suffered but was still much higher than what the average Matoran could produce.

Fehlinx wears a special headset with built-in welding goggles and magnification lens.

With just the tools on his back he is able to fabricate most anything his “distinguished” clients may ask for.

Prior to their failed rebellion, the Barraki were among his “best” customers.

They treated him so well, in fact, that he sometimes wished he’d stayed with the Nynrah Ghosts even after learning that all his brothers were dead…

Especially since the work he originally fled from turned out to be not much different from the work he ended up doing.

Following the defeat of the Barraki, Fehlinx withdrew and began living as a recluse, only emerging again when the Great Cataclysm shook the universe. Taking care to select his clients more cautiously, he avoided drawing attention to himself as much as possible in an effort to keep his past mistakes with the Barraki from catching up to him. Following the restoration of Spherus Magna, he resumed his wanderings in hopes of finding somewhere he could make himself useful, only to run straight into the mistake he was most afraid of encountering again.

The other Matoran

These ones aren’t as interesting and despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to come up with any story related to them. Two of them are based on retail sets while the other is my take on a Matoran who was unfortunate enough to end up at Karzhani. I decided to put them here since I don’t feel there’s enough for me to give them their own threads.

This Ta-Matoran was the first of these that I built. I originally envisioned him as Fehlinx before I remembered that Fe-Matoran aren’t red. He’s good friends with Vahlix (my self-MOC) but I’ve struggled to think of anything else to really define his character.

I wanted to make this Mahri-toran something other than a Le-Matoran but wasn’t left with enough options for parts.