Fei, one of the first Toa of Iron in over 100,000 years.

Hey lads. Kholus here for the first time in a hot minute with a new moc, a revamp of a moc, which unfortunately suffered from unoriginality. That being a member of a newly rebuilt Toa of Iron:


First off: yes. Her name is a play on the chemical symbol for Iron. And to answer a second question, the colour choice has an in lore reason, that being to make them harder to detect, to prevent a second genocide at the hands of the Makuta. While Black and orange would have been caught out almost immediately.

Fei is a pretty remarkable Toa of Iron; with strong level of mastery of her element, able to control her elemental powers to great effect, often with grace.

She mostly uses it to create her own tools to fit the situation, but mostly, she rocks a blunt two handed iron scythe to catch and trip up her opponents, strictly adhering to the rule of no killing.

Other tools she can create using her elemental power are short swords, a double bladed spear, or just a straight up metal bar.

The only other tool at her disposal, which she can’t influence due to a lack of Protodermis based metals is a “sword” boasting experimental technology. Having earned enough trust to be allowed to use it. though it’s a hair unstable due to being very new technology.

Without her elemental powers, she’s also an adept hand to hand fighter, mostly focusing on solid defence and powerful strikes. Naturally having a high durability to tank most blows.

As for her mask, it’s a home-brewed mask that works similar to a Hau, but works on a coin toss. Sometimes it’ll completely nullify an incoming attack she knows is coming, sometimes it’ll just reduce the damage.

Below is just some Render Dumping.


I like the shaping on the torso (not in a weird way). The shaping for the abs is pretty good, as is the rest of the MOC.


looks great!
nice work


IMO the weakest part of this MOC is the head. It looks tiny in comparison to the rest of the body. Otherwise, it looks really good.


Wasn’t my intention to do abs, but it does kinda fit the theme I was going for, lore-wise


Ah this moc is pretty cool. I like the armor (even though some parts seem to be a clipping nightmare) and the weapons are nice as well. The head is probably the weakest part of the build, the nuva shoulder piece just doesn’t lend itself well to a mask. Overall neat job though

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I’d have changed the head out, but it’s a very defining feature of the original. On the original torso or woulda been just fine.

But I see where you’re coming from.