“My arms feels weak, is this your doing?” -Halfire

Alias: Pemboi
Weapon/Power/Tool: None
Species/Apperance: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Wonjileum
Residence: Seunou Village
Occupation: Caretaker
Status: Alive

Felsi was an acquaintance for Glaripox for delving new elixirs, Felsi main purpose to visit him is to recover his home town village illness.


This character lacks concept and list random location to reuse on other mocs “world building”. The new index list is going to appear on newer/older mocs.[/details]


Snow Halation.

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The head build is strange but I have a feeling that was intended

i don’t know how this is relevant to the topic at hand but at least thank you for acknowledging that masterpiece.
Square must feel a great sense of honor for being within the region of this divine melody.

anyhow this moc is cute and i like it

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Nice work, creative use of parts.

The ear muffs and ccbs shell is the reason why it’s built complex.

ehhh, I would say false, but if you say so.