Female member of Axonn's species

A female member of Axonn’s species, she’s a fighter in the Order of Mata Nui’s army. The 06 wave of titans is probably my favorite, so consider this Axonn-style moc a little tribute to that era.

Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and surprisingly agile, she prefers relying on her fists in combat rather than any weapon. Her Mask of Circumambience allows her to see 360 degrees around her body when active.

Back view. Even if I am revisiting 06 thematically, I still wanted to try something new with a custom torso and arm construction. Believe it or not, she’s looking right at ya.

The shields on her hands allow her to generate forcefields. She can also overcharge the shields, hurtling a shockwave at opponents. I imagine that the trans-light blue stud turns trans-red after this happens to show they’ve overheated, but I forgot to take a photo of that.

POV: you were too busy dodging her punches, you forgot she can kick as well. Honestly, when I first made the hands, I thought the dark grey fingers clashed a bit with the blue and gold color scheme. But when I got this idea for the feet with the opposable toes, I feel it really tied the look together. It was one of those moc’ing moments where nothing looked right and I spent all night trying to build feet before going to bed unable to think of anything, then the next morning when I started up again it took all of ten minutes to figure out exactly what I wanted. Crazy what a fresh pair of eyes can do, right? (Man it took a while to balance this pose.)

So, that sums up this moc. When I came up with it, I was happy I could finally use that blue ruru I had laying around… I was also happy I could make something that’s somewhat of a nod to Axonn, who is easily one of my favorite sets. Hopefully you like it, let me know what you all think.


Great job on the shaping. I feel if she had more dark gold in her back it will really blend in fully. Also I know someone new great dark blue Technic parts came out recently if your interested?


This is great! The toes really do tie in with the fingers and make the whole thing cohesive and chromatically pleasing. I will say the upper arms seem a bit thin compared to the rest, but the build has very distinctive and interesting proportions. I like the idea that Axonn’s species is basically just the CHONK species. =P


Great design but i think she looks a bit bare, perhaps gold armor pieces on her back?


Aye, that’s pretty nice



Maybe Axonn was just wearing boots.


That would be interesting, thanks. I’m mostly working with a time capsule of old parts since I only got back into Lego fairly recently, so anytime I build a new technic set I’m finding new parts that’s like “oh hey, I wish I had more of these.” Like those weird parts that are like 2/3rds Pin and 1/3rd Axle for example. Such a simple part, yet so useful…