Female Moc Previews

Eventually I will post these mocs individually, but right now I need to see the reception. The Idea was that while bored and working on moccing, I decided to make female mocs, since there aren’t many here. Now I know there are a few issues(Nuva boobs, out of place parts, thin spindly limbs, etc), but there aren’t many things I can think of to improve them atm, but you can give me critique when you’re able to. I’m also working on their stories and abilities

Nickname: She-Vorox

Nickname: Rahkshi Mistress

Nickname: Vortixx WIP

Nickname: The Not-Gorast/Female Makuta


Looking good!

I like the Not Gorast Female Makuta’s hairdo.

Happy building! :smiley:

Hairdo? Aint the light blocking out the head

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Nope I can see it clearly.


I just realized I was looking at the Vortixx…

Still good! :smiley:

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Most of these look pretty solid. I’d have to have more pics to give a full critique though :smile:.

The Makuta(ivness) Is already posted and I’ll post the Vorox, Rahkshi and Vortixx soon(not in that particular order)