Female MOC Revamp(Asariel)

I’ve been working on a revamp of my moc Angelicae from June. I didn’t like the name so the new character is called Asariel and only resembles the previous version. I was inspired to push my skill to limits and build smething I could be proud of and to see how far I’ve come in the past few months. Enjoy.

Here’s the original


Don’t really now how I feel about the spike feet in this particular case, but the rest actually isn’t what I was expecting. You’ve got some interesting shaping here and the colors blocking actually works really well.


She’s slowly starting to resemble my Self MOC

Looks pretty cool, but I think the presence of more translucent purple would be nice.


Lol. No intention there. I started this before and was going to drop the weapons but decided to stick with 'em. Eventually I want to get more purple.

@Joe I found Sorano’s girlfriend
Looks pretty good, the spike feet are a bit odd, though.


I was inspired by things like these


I kinda liked the orange better. Don’t get me wrong, I friggin love purple. But I feel that the purple doesn’t really work as well here. The design is better, but maybe… and I can’t believe I’d ever be saying this but… no purple?

Iunno. Maybe I just like orange.

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Looks awesome, great improvement!

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It looks way better than the original, and the purple works for this moc. Keep up the good work!:grinning:

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Was about to say…

Looks amazing.


Awesome revamp! Love how it looks!

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It’s pretty cool. I do prefer the orange of the original.

My one nitpick would be that I think it needs custom hands… Compared to how intuitive and creative the rest of the build is, just using the plain pre-2009 hands seems a bit lazy.

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This is so good…so, so good.

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I’ve tried many different hand designs and hands in general don’t really fit the build very well. Theses pieces work best aesthetically. I appreciate the criticism though. If you have a design you think might work feel free to post it and I’ll see if works.

Looks really a ninja, I don’t really like the legs but the accuracy is great

a bit greebly but its ok

This MOC is pretty smooth, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


look in the abdomen area all the minifig hands and creature of earth nails/ claws

Your MOCs have a lot more greebling.