Female Skrall

Here’s my representation of a female BIONICLE character and man was it ever hard. I literally had to forget everything I thought I knew about building torsos and legs and went the unconventional route of building with almost all angle connectors. I started by building conventional squares out of technic and realized I was working against myself. Just flip it 45 degrees and it becomes a lot easier and far more accurate. Guys, hope you enjoy, it was a fun challenge :wink:


Sorry Likus, but there’s nothing good I can say about this MOC. The proportions are terrible, the build style is inconsistent throughout and legs don’t look like they articulate normally. The chest is shaped oddly and is literally just tacked on, the neck is probably longer than it should be and the hands don’t reach past the hips like they should. Then there’s the matter of female skrall being nothing like this in the lore and there being no explanation about why she’s different.

I get this was an experimental build, and there are some interesting techniques in play, but they really don’t look good together. This is the only MOC from you I can honestly say I don’t like.


Sorry Gringat, I know it’s awful, but I couldn’t help myself.

I like how compact and relatively smooth the armoring is. I understand the concerns that @Gringat has, but they don’t bother me as much. It just looks cool, and that’s fine with me :smile:

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Interesting… very interesting. I don’t know what to say about the torso. I like how you tried something new, but at the same time: the build is questionable at best. Here is what I think some of the issues are:

  • The body looks too robotic and stiff.
  • As an organic body, it doesn’t look natural
  • The bottom of the torso looks open Hey, get your minds out of the gutter.
  • The legs don’t look like they can properly move (I have to agree with gringat)
  • The chest doesn’t look right
  • The Bohrok shield looks out of place

I really don’t see anything salvageable from this. I got nothing against the idea of a unique MOC, but still.

But hey, don’t let that stop you from experimenting. Live and learn as they say.


I’ll be honest, it looks like you gave up halfway through the build, and just slapped the rest of it together.

I have to agree with @Gringat on this,
And add that the lower legs are too short and squared,
and the solid red lower limbs cause the design to look unbalanced.
Also the weird bikini thing you have going on with the red is odd.

Oh, and the feet are painfully small.

The legs feel very awkward.

Don’t quite understand the torso, feels more like it should be flipped upside down.

Other complaints include odd proportions. a questionable color scheme, the neck is too long, and generally no real cohesion as far as I can tell.

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I agree; a bit inconsistent with the textures and you got the hourglass shape down a little too well. And I think you might have gone with a skirt design but to be honest it’s too big and “connects” to her legs too well to look like clothes or armor. Also just a little too much red to really look the part of a skrall.

Also just personal but I get the feeling female skralls would be a bit smalller than normal males but she looks like she would tower over tuma. (I can’t even type his name without laughing. The mighty tuma. Haha)

If you revamp her id make her the same size or inika size at most.

Alright. Maybe it’s just your scale as my largest moc is only really the size of ultrabuild Vader. Sometimes it’s just hard to think outside your own scale mindset.

This is actually pretty cool!

Hmm very mixed opinions on this one. Well, thanks everyone for being so verbal and if you have looked at the moc already but haven’t commented yet, please leave feedback :smile:

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Well built, but entirely too awkward! Fix those proportions maybe and then I’d think this would be pretty awesome! I can see some things working here, but it’s mainly the shape I can’t get around.

Also, I haven’t seen your stuff around for a while, did you return to MOCing, or were you never gone in the first place?

I get busy sometimes and it takes a while to finish a decent moc. I haven’t disappeared yet.



The waist is too long and big… the bikini is bizarre…

what sort of thing are you doing with your life man?

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I like the concept and some of the techniques but it just doesn’t have a great feel to it and I get that your just experimenting but it doesn’t look the best.
The thing I don’t like the most is the torso and I just have to say in the eternal words of Ven “then you move up a little bit and there’s… and then when you move up past that” and if you don’t get that reference watch the moc spotlight on toa mahri Hahli revamp.

People build in different scales,
I don’t like the moc(though likus is a good moccist)
but I understand that it’s just in a larger scale than the sets and don’t hold the size as a problem.

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Can we get another pic of that weapon?

the neck and legs are my major gripes with this
just the neck area in general seems overly awkward
Im fine with most of the rest
for an experimental moc, this is pretty nice


I agree I think the problem only lies in the neck and legs (also x legs)
I like the rest and love that staff.

also I think you meant 45 degrees in the origional post.

No they are just for looks.