Female Toa of Plantlife


I think the upper arms are a little to big and the lower arms a little to small, but still, pretty cool moc


While I totally see what you were going for, I feel like the moc ends up looking kind of muddled, with so many clashing textures.


Unique design choice, the flowers and vines definitely sell the plant life aspect plus as far as I can tell I believe all of those pieces come in teal?
One thing I would say change (and it’s something many of your Mocs do) is the waist. The legs from the looks of it can’t angle outwards meaning the only poses are awkward scissor leg poses. It’s a simple matter of changing the order of the socket and ball joint.

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@T4k4nuv4 and @TheMOCingbird I will keep this in mind thx, @Axelford will do thx