Ferrum to of iron/iron golem. full on mid body upgrades/training sessions.

I’ve been working hard to keep some of these to there full realistic body potential with all of these new Lego parts coming out and just helps so much with this build.

He has multiple interchangeable arms fingers and blade parts for all different types of posing of his metal bending skills. But for now I just want to show off his blade features. Ferrum is an ancient toa of iron is known to liquefy or crush into a tiny ball of all his enemies.

Helryx wanted to see if Bellum’s anti-elemental armor would work against Ferrum’s metal bending powers. So she called everyone in the order to show the younger/newer members of the order a demonstration of the anti-elemental armor that would allow Bellum to absorb any elemental hit and not have a single scratch. The only part she left out though is The blacksmith made it out of a special type of energized prodermis that is extremely dangerous to touch.

And yes Bellum now has a recreation of the leviathan axe. Hope you all enjoy.