Fey Village - Minecraft Base

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Uh, yea, I play Minecraft too.

You know, I’m something of a builder myself.

I run a small server, and this is my base on that server. It’s gnome/fairy/fey themed, but with a lot of influence from game environments I really like (particuarly Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming Sonic Frontiers).

Inside of my starter base.

Outside of my starter base.

Wide shot of my primary base area.

The bridge and a nice cliff that hides a cactus farm.


Town square. I also have a dye/lush plant/nether plant farm here.

A villager breeder modelled after Irish druid circles.

Villager trading hall.

The square again, and a nice custom tree.

Work-in-progress storage system/iron farm. The iron farm will be a large, floating crystal between the spires. The spires themselves are going to be textured like the bridge and the trading hall. And yea, it is a bit Metru-Nui Colosseum-like.

The inside of the temple.

Twilight shot.

Night shot.

And of course, I don’t play with shaders normally, so here’s what I see most of the time.

I know this isn’t what I’m known for here, but I’m actually pretty proud of this build and I wanted to show it somewhere.

Let me know what you think, if you’d like!

If you also enjoy Block Game, have a cookie: :cookie:

As always,
Comment and Discuss!



That’s just a kini nui and you know it


These are lovely! I assume they were made in survival and not creative, which is pretty impressive.


Oh how I long for a server with my friends on it :pensive:

Great builds btw! I’m not the greatest builder in Minecraft, but I like to try and do my best. I’m more of a miner myself.


This is awesome! It looks really good with all of the shaders!

I will take this and I will eat this.

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ok I play block game
aggressive crunching sounds heard

oh yeah your minecraft thing looks really awesome! The general vibe of the place is really cool.


Does terraria count?

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I didn’t notice until you mentioned it.

Survival indeed! We do have access to homes and such, so it’s not the usual vanilla experience, but everything is hand-gathered.

I have a friend on the server who lives next to me, on the other side of the mountain. He’s much the same way.

Building is what you make of it. It’s fun to learn and grow in your skills, but the beauty of the game is that there’s something for everyone.


Thanks! I’m mostly going for vibes and atmosphere.


You can have the cookie.

But yours has nuts in it.




no he meant metal ones


Good source of iron, then!


I’m normally not much of a fey aesthetic guy, but this is seriously cool. Very well put together, and I love the decaying ruins aspect, especially the bridge and trading hall.

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