Fibbage: Boards Edition! Sign Up

Okay this is the Fibbage: Boards Edition Sign Up. If you want to play Fibbage just sign up here cause if you don't your participation won't count towards the game and it's harder to keep track of everyone's scores for the duration.
Here's the rules to play if you don't know:
1. Everyone make lies for the following Question, Through PMing me in 2 hours.
2. Wait until I post the Answers/Lies.
3. Get people to pick your lie to score you 1 point.
4. Find and pick the true answer to the question to score 3 points.
5. Pick a lie created by me you lose 2 points.
Pretty simple ain't it?


This sounds great.

I love Fibbage. :smile:

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I will join @FreeLanceVelika

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What is this?

It's Fibbage. A game where you have to lie and pick a answer to score yourself points or unintentionally score your friend's points.
If you still don't understand watch this:


Sign me up.

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Sure, I'll sign up.

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I'll join, b'cuz it sounds fun. :smile:

I'll join!

Sign me up!

Why not?

Is there any room left? Because I think that there is probably maybe a small chance that I do understand the rules, possibly.

So you're signing up right?

You guys are in. I'll be making the official Fibbage topic tomorrow cause right now I'm too busy IRL.

Yeah. There's no limit to the amount of players in this version of Fibbage.

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How long will the game last?

I'm planning to do 7 rounds. So it will last 7 days.