Fibonacci Mafia: 1 1 2 3 5 8...

The unknown variables lined up to the great generator to discover what their number would be. As the plain generic X’s hopped in, vibrant new numbers hopped out. Before long, all 17Xs were now vibrant new numbers, ready to begin with killing each other dead.

Of course, for obvious plot reasons everyone cannot read numbers and therefore don’t know each other’s role.

Actually thinking about the Fibonacci Sequence, it should’ve applied to how many people died. XD

Anyways, Roles will be PMed out shortly, if you don’t get a role it’s because I forgot about you you’re a villager. If you do get a PM, open it and see what role you are. If you get a PM not from me, it’s probably because you’re in trouble.


Villager (x9)
Mafia (x4)
Defender (x1)
Inspector (x1)
Special role (x1)
Volatile Special role handle with care (x1!!!)

@Invader_Rose DEAD Night 2 (Post 54)
@LTVmocs DEAD Day 3 (Post ?)
@Radiation-7901 DEAD Day 2 (Post 184)
@Leoxander: DEAD Night 1 (Post 9)
@Toa_Vladin DEAD Night 5 (Post 217)
@jayzor17 DEAD Night 3 (Post ?)
@MataNuiNuva DEAD Day 2 (Post 184)
@Ghidora131 DEAD Day 2 (Post 184)
@Peelacar DEAD Day 2 (Post 184)
@Zero DEAD Day 1 (Post 42)

Now, you wait 10 hours until the first death. Speculate. You can even vote if you want, and depending on what mood I’m in tomorrow I might accept you’re vote jk, I won’t*Most likely won’t XD

Oh! I know!

Nobody died, but to appease the great GM the members must still vote. They been given to options as to how the game will play out:

  • The game should be as edgy as all heck. Like Death Note

  • The game should be light hearted and humorous. Like a Build Fighters

  • I like this idea, so it can be voted on too

You have until 9:00 tomorrow. Unless I sleep.


Edge lord. If you have been on the RWBY RP… My character ended up as that.

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The mood should alternate by day. AKA, I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:


Changing to this. Mood swings everyday.

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What is going on why did I do this help my sanity

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@Omega_Tahu is the Greek god Zeus of GMs: we are all just his playthings. :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote that this game should be edgy as all heck.

I want to be sweating over this thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dis gon be gud.

Day 1

The numbers decided that they wanted the game to be edgy as all heck. They then grabbed the other options and threw them off of the cliff as heavy rock music played in the background.

But is that really the last of those choices?

Night 1: The first death

@Leoxander was in his house sharpening his many throwing knives, when the door closed behind him. He looked behind him, and saw a number in a black cloak, shrouded with darkness. “Do you want to buy a knife?” Leoxander asked, unaware of the ominous danger. The cloaked stranger answered yes. Leoxander then handed him some sample knives and turned away. That was the last thing Leo did.

The following morning @Leoxander was discovered with all 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816 of his knives that he lent to the stranger in his spinal cord, and his store in ruins

@Leoxander was a villager. His number was 13

The Suspects are:

@Sonus: Also owns a shop like Leo’s, making them natural business Rivals
@MataNuiNuva: A fast learner, but showed more interest in Sonus’ shop then Leo’s
@Zero: Skilled Mafia player, was sour that Leo turned down his job application, so started visiting Sonus’ shop more
@Shadowrockboy190: A known bandit who dealt with knives, claims he only kills in self defense

In other news, @Peelacar woke up drenched in a strange liquid.

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Well, its definitely not @Shadowrockboy190. That’s too obvious. @Zero seems quite suspicious, but I’m not sure. I think @Sonus is the greatest threat to @Leoxander here. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to wack their rival?
As for me, why would I kill someone that I’m obviously not interested in? They’re no threat to me.

@Sonus seems the most likely suspect here. Although Zero Could also be considered a likely suspect, the business rivals part makes me feel Somus wanted to put Leo out of business

Zero and I seem to have equal motive. The others… not so much.

I’ll just sit back and watch what happens for now.

How do you have 3.anything of a knife

So he had three knives and a bunch of unidentifiable shrapnel

EDIT: Ooookay I think that if we found out what that strange liquid was Peelacar found himself in it would make me a lot less disturbed

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No, videos showed he ate the .8584… of the knife. Because edge.[quote=“Ghidora131, post:13, topic:37189”]
EDIT: Ooookay I think that if we found out what that strange liquid was Peelacar found himself in it would make me a lot less disturbed


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@Sonus and @Zero are the two most suspicious. Zero really seems to be more likely than Sonus, who seems too likely of a candidate.

I vote @Zero

Side note: I’m really loving how edgy this game is looking to be.

Yeah, I vote @Zero. Because um

Okay I literally have no clue

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@Zero is my vote.

I’ll vote for Zero as well.


Woah. Been away to long and getting @'d like crazy. Let me take a moment to prepare my defense statement.