Fiery Ice Beast


probably piece restriction but… why the red and trans orange?


This was okay.

I’m not really seeing the “Fiery” aspect of the MOC. If I were you, I’d change those Ice Bolt Pieces and change 'um to the ones that come with Tahu.

this looks like just a combination of tahu, the protector of ice, the protector of fire, kopaka and the protector of rocks. it looks… ok, to put it lightly, yeah no. this isn’t good, sorry, this hurts my eyes, I don’t mean to be mean. but the colors are meh, this build looks underdone and the texturing is inconsistent and the use of red only one the torso and head and almost nowhere else is, just, no, even pohatu uniter of stone actually has somewhat of a consistency, but this is just, not even any description? come on. just, at least, sorry, but this, no. I hate to say this to you but it’s not good. :frowning:

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This is very paradoxical.

This sentence is false.


Hmmm, I highly recommend trying to distribute the colours more evenly. Right now the different blobs of colour make it look a bit messy. What were you trying to achieve with the MOC?

Also, I recommend you find a cleaner background. The carpet’s distracting. =)

This is pretty cool!

Thx guys for all the constructed criticism.:+1: Too bad I absolutely DESTROYED this moc

Well then. I suppose we can continue to critique it’s memory.

It’s alright. A lot of the problems with the color are probably part restriction, but my biggest beef is with the head. Or rather, the lack of one. Upside down masks don’t really look all that great.