Figure-Rise Active Raid Strike Interceptor

Have you ever bought an action figure just based on how cool it looked, without knowing a whole lot about the series it is from?

Well, that is what happened here, when I saw this kit on Amazon. Yes this is a model kit. A Bandai Figure-Rise Standard to be exact.

I touched it up some using Gundam markers to give it a weathered textured look, aaaaand, I didn’t feel like dealing with stickers.

Seriously, Bandai’s sticker sheets suck…

I don’t know why it has the one blue spot on its back, but it was on the sticker sheet, so I colored it appropriately.
The figure came with 3 pairs of hands, two variations of a jet pack, a clear plastic stand, and open and closed versions of his phone badge thing.


how much did this cost?

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Yeah i don’t know what this is from but it looks really good

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It’s round about $20-25 on Amazon right now

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wah really? that’s pretty cheap

The weathering effects on this are just right, nice job.

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