Final Fantasy

Ok so I acquired Final Fantasy X-2 this past weekend and thought that we need needed a topic in which we could discus this game series. Which is your favorite game? Who is your favorite character?


as I hear ever since they reached past X the series doesn’t seem as cool…

personally like some ff fans I really like FF7. Dem feels, story and characters man

fav Char might be Zack

Never played any other than VII, and my time with that was very limited. I’d like to give the others a try sometime.

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I’ve seen a couple episode’s from Etho’s Vinyl Fantasy, which was made by Vechs_ does it have any similarities at all to FF

Is it bad that the first Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played is XIII? I don’t have a favorite FF game yet, but my favorite character is Sephiroth… mainly because of KH 2. I love the boss fight.

Don’t feel to bad I only have one Final Fantasy game too and its X-2, I do plan on trying to acquire more later.
That was a good boss battle, I cursed Sora out so much for dying so many times. XD

Based on My experiences with the Kingdom Hearts series, I figured that the battle/party styles would be similar, so after I started playing Final Fantasy X-2 I guess I would have to say I’m disappointed with Final Fantasy’s battle style, because it leaves much to be desired. Personally I would like to have more control over a character that I’m using especially during a battle.

Finally played a Final Fantasy game.
It’s Final Fantasy Type 0.
It’s freaking great.
Also my new favorite Final Fantasy character is Seven.


Final Fantasy; Not final since 1988.

I never really played any games. Maybe I should get around to that. I heard the SNES ones were good.


try 7, if you have a ps4, I recommend waiting till the HD remake


I don’t have the moneyz for a ps4, so I might just play the old one.

FF VI is coming out on Steam next week! It’s the mobile version, so the graphics won’t be the best, but I’ve wanted to play it for a long time and haven’t had a good way to. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so I’m hyped!


So does anyone have Fonal Fantasy XV? Curious to hear your opinions on it, I’ve heard it’s put the franchise in a good spot.