Final IFO wave: Finale and Rivalry v2

This is going to be the last wave of the IFOs, as I am now out of ideas and colors for these thingies.

For the last firstly, we have the Space Dragon Finale, a robot who wants to destroy everything because that’s the extent of my story-writing ability.





And finally the last last, to oppose Finale, meet Space Patrol Rivalry. More or less the same as Conflict, but equipped to go into space.





Note: I got really lazy with the photography, and as such I have decided to only post the pictures I’m more or less proud of.


What a heartbreaking story. Makes me feel for this bad guy…In all seriousness - these are pretty rad mocs…

Great use of system. Nice cop.

Pretty cool, however I’m not to fond of the dark grey on Rivalry’s chest armor

This is pretty awesome!

Same here.

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These robots are very nice and smooth looking

I can easily see these two having a fight in a large lego city. Have you made larger versions of these two, or are you just keeping them small?

Large versions?
I have just enough parts to make them this size.

rip me