Find The Truth

Based off the game Fibbage.
Players must win by making up lies for the following question and find the real answer to the question.
And also here's the rules to play:
1. PM me to submit your lie.
2. PM me only 1 lie.
3. Choose 1 out of the 6 answers of the Question.
4. The Player who created the following lie will earn 1 point for each Player choosing their lie.
5. If a Player finds The Truth. The Player will earn 2 points.
6. The Player who has the most points wins.
7. Anyone who enters Find The Truth and hasn't Signed Up at the Find The Truth Sign Up Topic. Will be automatically disqualified.
8. People must Sign Up at the Find The Truth Sign Up Topic before playing Find The Truth.
9. Players can change answers before the revealing of the Truth.

Find The Truth will not begin.
Until I know who will join Find The Truth.
Sign Up here:

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Find The Truth has begun!

During the creation of the song Chop Suey. The band System Of A Down named it _______. But decided to change it to Chop Suey instead.

Players enter your lie!

Okay no ones playing.
So @Chronicler or @John_Smith or @ToaNuju120 or @MT_Zehvor or @legomaster1378 or @WajKnight.
Time to close down.

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Yayz. Beat Slime. smiley