Finding Dory

very solid movie, I loved it

stay after the credits people


Twas really good.
Not quite as good as the original, but I can’t really compare anything to a movie that had a huge effect on my childhood.

I wanted to.
But there were others with me who didn’t want to…


I haven’t see this movie yet, but I have a feeling this will be true for me.

Finding Dory’s not a bad movie, but it’s definitely inferior to the first film

There is a whole thread just for this movie?? Say less :rofl: :rofl:

Finding Dory is a fine movie, although it’s structured a little too similarly to Finding Nemo, with the main differences being parody/meme bits, but I feel there’s more in it compared to Finding Nemo because most of the latter is just a series of near-death experiences for Marlin and Dory.

But overall since I didn’t have much of a connection with Finding Nemo when I was younger and I like the characters in Finding Dory more I think the sequel surpassed the original by the slightest bit.

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For everyone who enjoyed it, I am happy for you. But I must confess, I absolutely loathed Finding Dory. I thought the writing was, on a constant basis, insultingly terrible- what comes to mind was Roger Ebert’s review of North, “implied insult that the audience would be entertained by it.” The animation was also somehow much worse than the (still breathtakingly beautiful) original from 13 years prior. On its own it’d be a bad movie, but the original Finding Nemo was a genuine masterpiece, so in comparison Finding Dory was painfully bad.

In general, Pixar has had a massive decline in quality since Disney bought them and they finished their projects originating before Disney did (Wall-E, Up, Toy Story 3). I think Coco and Soul were their only movies in the last 11 years that stood up to their old quality standard (although they are getting to a point where movies like Soul, which is fantastic on its own, are so similar to the formula of their previous films that they are weakened as a result). Inside Out was decent, flawed (the real-world conflict with Riley doesn’t really work IMO) but they were trying and it had creativity. Monsters University was not very good but not horrible either, it had a kernel of a good idea that with a much sharper and funnier script could have made a genuinely good movie. Incredibles II is the one the internet kind of hates: I thought it was, on its own, genuinely “pretty good,” but such a massive step down from the amazing first one that it inevitably was disappointing.

TL;DR Disney under Iger and Chapek is a blight upon artistry that destroys everything it touches while creating virtually nothing of value (and creating very little, period), and poses an existential threat to the future of film and television. Even the worst point of the Eisner era was vastly preferable. The surviving OG and renaissance animators/creatives justifiably hate current Disney and its artlessness. Walt is rolling in his grave.