Finding Dory

Oh hey I found Dory:


Anywho, let’s discuss this (highly?) anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo.


RIP in RAP Dory.



I, for one, am puzzled by why it took so long to make.
It does seem to be good in trailers though, so that’s something.


I can’t wait to see it, Finding Nemo was one of the best Pixar movies.
Although, I am a tad worried because of some of Pixar’s most recent films… (Cars 2, Brave [IMO], The Good Dinosaur)


I am resisting the mighty urge to read the Finding Dory childrens books every time I visit book section of Shoppers Drug Mart. As much as I don’t really mind spoiling myself for movies, a movie as anticipated as this one for so long doesn’t deserve to be spoiled in my eyes…

Finding Nemo was one of my favorite Pixar films, the characters were likable and it was an all around enjoyable film. When I first heard they were making a sequel, I was afraid they were just going to do the same story over again, but having seen trailers this doesn’t seem to be the case and I’m fairly interested as to the direction this film will take.


I don’t have high expectations, but I may watch it if it ever goes up on Amazon Instant Video.

I’m not that interested in this film, to be honest. It’s been forever snice I’ve seen a Pixar film in theaters, and this one looks like something I’ll watch hen it comes on redbox.

On that note I still have not seen Inside Out or The Good Dinosuar

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

  • Dory, 2003 - 2016

I’m so hyped for this movie that I’m going to watch Finding Nemo again

Every time I go to a store, I see kids and teen walking around at least one of those product. I don’t find it to be annoying, but it shows how successful the marketing is compare to some the previous Pixar. Also Nemo age’d really well :mask:

Interested to see how this film plays out.

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I’m really hyped because Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar movies.

You can now find Dory at Subway.

Except the only fish they have right now is tuna.

Marketing fail.


I’m excited for this

I’m actually staying out of as many trailers as possible, have only seen the first and second because i don’t wanna see anything before I see it

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I’m just hoping it turns out better than the last PIXAR sequel that was centered around the comic relief character…


Meh, I’m not sure how it’ll turn out. Finding Nemo always felt like it wrapped up too nicely for a sequel, unlike the Incredibles.

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Super hyped.
Finding Nemo was my favorite movie for a long time, and this comes out on my birthday.
So yeah.

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Was there ever a demand for a Finding Nemo sequel? I guess with some fans, but I was satisfied with the ending of the original.


I’ve always wanted a sequel, tbh.

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I’d say the movie was pretty nice.