Finish the sentence 2

solve, but that hasn't stopped people trying to...

ascend to a higher plane of existence, which is completely unrelated to the Emoji Movie except for

That the Emoji movie is dead and has moved on to a lower plane of existence where they


Use all of their money to fund Jake Paul so he can

Apologize for

Convincing his brother too

Eat an entire raw turkey because…

Bob the 7th (the one who works at makuta’s funland)

Said it would bestow upon him mystical power, when in actuality

It exploded into

Fairy dust, which is unusual since

Anything pertaining to what we are discussing should not be so

Magical, for it would summon the

Great Aku, for the second time and

probably not the last time, as long as

This topic stays alive and

The sun rises in the morning, meaning of course that

the world might end becuase

Everyone’s depressed enough that

That the weight upon our souls puts strain upon the fabric of space-time, which