Finish the sentence 2

Is bad because the illuminati wants to

Eat all of the towels so that

They would be able to take over a planet ruled by a fat guy named

Arthur Dent who

Had a friend named Ford Prefect, who was the editor of a book called

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, where

People hitchhiked around the galaxy (of course), prompting

Towels to be required for all inhabitants of the planet, prompting

The towel industry to become the most profitable industry in the world, which

Destroyed the drink maker business, as they could not make

Liquids because all the towels we’re drying them up, in turn causing

Ford dried up to death, causing

The car industry to crash, leading us into

shadow moses with solid snake trying to

Sneak into a government facility to steal the secret towel recipe to protect…

Bounty’s monopoly, ensuring

the rise of the ultra powerful…

Memelord the destroyer of

General Motors, who

Don’t like cheese that much, but would be willing to