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Just realized that we don't have a Firefly topic yet.

Let's just hope this doesn't get cancelled after 14 posts and a movie.


This shows was really good and cut down before it's prime, which is a huge shame.

I see what you did there

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FireFly is one of those show where I hear tons of praise but I just haven't bothered to watch yet. Is it good? Or overrated?

It is pretty good and I highly recommend it, but is it overrated? Yes.

Firefly is good, but over-rated. Concept is interesting but i didnt get as invested as i probably should have with the characters and some of the plots were bland.

The creators also had weird fetishes they tried to encorporate into the series, you can find out more, but basically the Reaver's were going to be a lot more extreme than what they ended up being in the series. One of the female characters for example was going to be abused heavily by them in an episode...

Honestly a lot of the episodes the show would have had if it stayed longer were absolutely terrible. The movie was somewhat alright, but it suffered the same sort of problems.

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  1. Firefly is definitely overrated. It didn't go on long enough to explore its characters or story arcs to a degree comparable to other shows like Farscape or Babylon 5.

  2. It's also a really, really good show. There's more craft put into the dialogue than you usually get in TV-land. The characters are all three-dimensional and play off of each other in interesting ways, and most of the actors are charismatic and well-suited to their parts. It does a great job of bringing the style and themes of old Westerns into a futuristic setting. It has a great, self-aware sense of humor. And its message about the importance of freedom is something that resonates with a whole lot of people.

  3. Mirroring my first point, and to echo what Scar said, there's no guarantee that, had it lasted longer, it would've been able to maintain the qualities that made it so good. Just look at Whedon's other big show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer--seasons 2 and 3 are generally loved by everyone who watches them, but no one can agree which, if any, of the other seasons are any good.

  4. Serenity seems to be a bit controversial, but for my part, I loved it. It tied up all the major plots arcs in a way that made a very strong statement about the dangers of Orwellian states. Most of the characters got good endings (whether or not they were happy ones), though I'll admit that Inara was really useless. And the villain was excellent--ruthless, but not completely unreasonable.

  5. If you like Firefly, you owe it to yourself to look into Farscape. It has a somewhat similar premise--criminals fleeing Space Cops trying to survive and make their own way, whether by legal means or not--but it got 4 seasons and a miniseries. It's not all as good as Firefly, but on the whole, it can definitely hold its own.


I remember my dad used to really like this show, and occasionally seeing bits and pieces of it. It was very good from what I remember.

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Never heard of it… I might watch it now.