First attempt at CCBS

So this my first real attempt at the CCBS system, and a real lousy one at that. I wasn't great with it, so I tend to stay away from it, but I wanted to give it a shot. This is Brute. He was a mutated ape type rahi. He is stronger, and smarter than a standard ape. (Although his intelligence isn't as greatly enhanced as hoped.) But a major downside is his mobility and agility have been greatly reduced, which as a primate, it makes him feel as a part of is missing. He also is armored, but is vulnerable. After escaping his lab containment, he acquired a rocket launcher from the connecting outpost. He stores it between his armor plates on his tail. After his escape, he soon met Conjurer. (Another moc of mine) they became friends in a way. Brute feels as if he is mentally inferior to Conjurer do to his cunning and knowledge. But, they tolerate each other. So enjoy!


For a first attempt at CCBS, it's pretty good. Not many complaints from me.

OOC: this really belongs in the Lego Creations category

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