First Bionicle Sets

Just out of curiosity, which Bionicle sets were your first in these categories:
First sets (general)
First Average Set (like regular Toa sized [Unless already said])
First Titan
First Small Set (Matoran, Agori, etc.)
First Favorite (Not first set by default)
First Least Favorite/Disappointment (Not first set by default)
First Vehicle set (If any)

My first set was Kalmah, my first titan was Gadunkah, my first small set was Gavla, my first favorite was Matoro, my first least favorite was Onua Mistika, and my first vehicle set was Toa Ignika.


First set: Berix
First favorite: Gresh
First Titan: Still don't have one...
First Disappointment: Metus
First small set: Also Berix


First sets: Gakki/blue vahki (I got them at the same time)
First Titan: Toa Mata Nui - the one with the gold mask (still my only G1 titan)
First Small Set:Gakki
First Favorite: Solek (NOT A SOLEK JOKE, I LOVED HIM)
First Least Favorite: actually never encountered a true disappointing set until Hero Factor "Vapor"


My first set was toa Nuju
My first small set was either the red, green, or brown metrutoran
Never had a Titan set
First favorite was Mahri Nuparu
First least favorite was Tanma

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First set: Suukorahk
First Titan: Hydraxon
First small set: Tanma/Photok
First disappoint: Photok
First canister set: Suukorahk

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First set: Tahu Nuva ('03)
First titan: Nocturn
First small set: Dekar
First favorite: Vakama Metru
First disappointment: Vakama Hordika

First Average Set: Gahlok
First Titan: Nidhiki
First Small Set: Iruini & Ehrye(got them at the same time)
First Favorite: Suukorak(assuming this means first set you regarded as your favorite)
First Least Favorite: Gali Mistika

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First: Nokama Metru (also first average)
First small set: Green metru toran
First favorite: Onewa metru
First disappointment: Wenua Hordika
First titan: Brutaka

First set: Galva (The blue av-matoran, that's her name, right?
First Average Set (Bitil)
First Titan: Witch Doctor (yeah, I never owned any titans during Bionicle's original run. I was too poor :stuck_out_tongue:)
First Small Set: As I mentioned before, galva.
First Favorite Mistika tahu (who saidly is now a few boken joints in a parts bin :pensive:)
First Least Favorite Stars Rakshi

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No one here has said they started out with the Mata. I feel old.

First set: Pohatu Mata
First Titan: Sidorak/Keetongu/Roodaka
First small set: All the matoran from 03
First favorite: I loved each set for different reasons. I had no favorites.
First disappointment: The Hordika.

First set: Hakkan
First titan: Brutaka
First small set: Velika
First fave: Jala mahri (To my 8y/o self it was the coolest looking inika build)
First disappointment: most sets from 2008

First Set: Either Bordakh or Zadakh, I don't remember. I was only 4.
First Titan: Gadunka (all of my yes)
First Small Set: Zesk, unfortunately
First Favorite: Freakin' Barraki, man. What wasn't to like about them?
Least Favorite: Every single set I got with lime green parts


First set gali
First Titan axxon
G1 gali nuva
G2 tie between gali uniter & pohatu uniter
Least favorite toa metru matau
First disappointment a rather recent one, lewa uniters arms

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First sets: OG Onua and Tahu
First Titan: Tarakava
First Small Set: a Turaga
First Favourite: Tarakava
First Disappointment: Hordika Matau

First Set: Dekar
First Average Set: Pohatu (2015)
First Titan: Nocturn
First Small Set: Dekar
First Favourite: Nocturn
First Disappointment: Lewa (2016)

I bought the 2007 sets off ebay in 2014 or 2013, I can't remember the exact date.


First Set: Brutaka (also first titan and favorite)
First Average Set: Matoro Mahri
First Small Set: Dekar
First Least Favorite: Stars Gresh


First Set (also average): Pohatu Nuva
First Titan (also favorite): Lhikan & Kikanalo
First Small: Tehutti
First Disappointment: Solek or Tahu Stars

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First (also small) set: Turaga Onewa
Average (also favorite): Kopaka Mata
Titan: Boxor (or Exo-Toa if that doesn't count)
Disappointment: Any of the Mistika Toa


First Sets were Lewa and Gali 2015,

First Titan was Mask maker VS skull grinder.

First small set was Protector of Fire.

First disappointment...none of them, they all impressed me.