First Bionicle Sets

First set: Lewa mata
First titan: incomplete fero & skirmix
First small set: turaga onewa
First favorite baranus V7
First least favorite: fero & skirmix (now scrapped for Mocs)
First vehicle: baranus V7
(Im not counting two voyatoran that I always had, my older brother and I shared a lego collection, and they were just there)

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First Set:Gali mata

First Average Set: See above

First Small set: Turaga Vakama

First Favorite: Pohatu mata

First Titan: Makuta 03

Most Disappointing: The Bohrok Va

First Vehicle set:Takanuva&Usaanui if that count.

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First Set: Tohunga Onepu (and first small)
First Average Set: Lewa Nuva (and first favorite)
First Titan: Turaga Dume and Nivawk
First Disappointment: at first I hated the Toa Metru (it was Whenua), because I wanted a Toa Nuva. now I love them.
First Vehicle: Does Nivawk count? If not Vultraz (sadly hahaha)


Ok, here we go, updated from last time because I had terrible memory back then.

First set: Ackar
First average set: Still Ackar
First small set: Kirop
First Titan: Tuma hey, I actually got this one right last time
First favourite: Lehvak. The first Bionicle set I actually liked, in fact. Before I got the green rolly boi I just had a small amount of ‘08 sets and Ackar that I paid no attention to.
First least favourite: I don’t actually know. I think maybe Hahli Mahri? She was so top heavy, wide and floppy. And her weapon was really stupid.
First Vehicle: Kaxium V3, Mazeka and Vultraz. I got them all at the same time. I don’t even know how I got Ussanui last time; I didn’t own that until about 2016, and I had a Rockoh T3 by then!

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  • First interaction with BIONICLE (I know you didn’t ask but I wanna share it): Toa Mata Nestlé CD (all begun with a cereal box)
  • First set: Jala (Tohunga/McToran). Technically it was Matoro, but I never opened it and I changed it for Jala in other McDonald’s
  • First Average Set: Tahu Nuva and Pohatu Nuva
  • First Titan: Jaller and Gukko. Not counting that Ultimate Dume
  • First Small Set: Jala. Not counting McToran, you should, but I’m not sure if Vakama or Tahnok Va
  • First Favorite: If not Jala, Tahu Mata
  • First Disappointment: First disapointment at that moment Jaller Mahri, the mask make it look like and old man and the Hahnah Crab make him less dynamic. First disappointment after a while, Bohrok Kal
  • First Vehicle set: Does Gukko count as a vehicle? If not, Jetrax T6

@wild_toa Wow, you really have a great gap in here from 2001 to 2009 :open_mouth:



First sets (general): Gali Mata
First Average Set (like regular Toa sized [Unless already said]): As above
First Titan: Tarakava (Xmas)
First Small Set (Matoran, Agori, etc.): The Turaga (can’t rememeber which one first)
First Favorite (Not first set by default): ooo… I guess the Mata as a team… or the Exo-Toa
First Least Favorite/Disappointment (Not first set by default): um… I guess the Kal
First Vehicle set (If any): Boxor

@Huemus, I have slowly started to close the gap, though mostly in peices rather than sets.
I do now have at least one peice confirmed to be from each year (mostly unique to year peices)

All 6 stars
Skull Basher
McToran Huki and Maku(ordered them together)
Onua Mata
Skull Scorpio
I don’t have it yet, but I’m getting Rockoh T3 in a few weeks

I think it was Toa Mahri Kongu, and I think I got him at either a CVS or a Walgreens.

Whether or not he’s a set I actually got, I definitely about two years later got Glatorian Legends Mata Nui.

Pretty sure my first was Krika, although my interest in Bionicle technically began in '07 - I just didn’t get any sets until mid '08 because I was small and had no money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact - I got him as a gift, and I got him twice, so one of them ended up getting returned and swapped for another set (Onua Mistika).

I can’t really track firsts very easily from there, because I didn’t get any more sets until '09, but I had a Bionicle-themed birthday party and so ended up scoring like six sets at the same time, including both titans from the first wave. (Present-day me commends childhood me on making such a wise investment in my youth birthday theme decisions, since there comes a point where you’re too old to pull this trick off anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:)

First set: Vhisola
First average-sized set: Gali Nuva
First Titan: Lhikan and Kikanalo
First Favorite: Vakama Metru
First least favorite: Nuju Hordika
First vehicle set: Takanuva (Ussanui)

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First sets: Kopaka and Lewa Mata
First Average Set:^ I still have them today. I loved them back then but I love them even more now. Have all of the Toa Mata rebuilt in my collection. Some of the few I decided to keep built. I guess I keep a lot of 03’ and back built.
First Titan: Does Nui-Jaga count? If not, Takanuva. I loved the Nui-Jaga, its play function was amazing to me. But as all of my sets, quickly got dismantled for parts.
First Small Set: All of the Turaga besides Matau and Onewa. Can’t remember which order I got them in but I thought they were dope.
First Favorite: I had favorites in all of the waves, my love for Lewa and Kopaka is still very true. But if I had to say one that just BLEW my mind as a kid, it would be Axonn. That guy was just DOPE to me. That axe tho.
First Least Favorite/Disappointment: I remember being disappointed in the Toa Metru. There was a lot I loved about them but I thought their color schemes were bland, I didn’t like how Vakama only had a disc launcher, and I HATED that you couldn’t put kraana on them… seriously what a way to devalue your own product.
First Vehicle set: Takanuva. Ahh I got it with the special edition with that trans clear Avohkii and the special edition Kraahkan. It was so cool… but I was a little moc-ist so that thing got dismanted instantly.