First Episodes: Trying to flesh out [Pitch][Story][Concept]

So, I was catching up to the podcasts I missed, and while it might no longer be relevant later on, I wanted to bring a little of life to the initial idea of starting with a fake narrator.

Since, I have not been able to find the cannon script for the first episode. (unfortunately not a patron.) I will do with what I have heard from the podcast 005-006.

My hope is that some crappy drawing will flesh out better the idea of the episode. Unfortunately I have not practiced enough to do good drawings so, sparing you six pages of stick drawings, I skipped several scenes and dialogue.

Hope it is not too off-putting and that it is at least readable…

This is an attempt to flesh out the first episodes based on a start using a false narrator. It is not only focused on the initial narration but on how the story would continue from then on.


Wow, they look so dark here. Any help in making it more accessible?

I worked on how it could continue to the second episode.
It would skip the exposition avatar like introduction, since it will be repeated again by Ikir.
I liked the idea of Matorans dying to birth Toas. To further drive the idea, I made it so Narmoto’s transformation into a Toa was burning his old self. Being reborn from the ashes, like a Phoenix. Thematic considering the fire.

Now, I am not going to make everyone watch a stick figure walk through several landscapes, like Tahu would. I imagine Mangai like a modded minecraft nether biome. So you can find variaty of ecosystems there. Maybe a Firevine forest, next to a lavashroom plains. Maybe you can find a nice lavafall in the middle of the ash fern plateau. Perfect place for lava surfing.

If not, Tahu may have to leave Mangai. Otherwise I am not sure how to fill time, while he ponder on his identity.

Not sure if this makes it to episode 2 or is it episode 3? I don’t know. Brainstorm 011 confused me a little all the rearrangements and not having access to the script… Not sure how the episodes are being rearranged.

Most of the dialogue here can be considered optional. I like to have all six Toa together finding the Rakshi. This way it emphasizes the disparity of power.

Maybe more banter on the way. They reach the place.
Then the fight, happens.

I played a little, with the characters. Onua gets smacked with the hammer. Caught with his guard down, because he wanted to befriend the first intelligent Rahi. After that, the other Toa are certain they have to fight. Its okay, Onua can take it.

I think the Lewa/Iruini fight will be interested. Both as they are familiar, due to training together and those years living together, and also because its a clash of concepts. Lewa having a free unbridled style, where she sets the pace and makes other follow. While Iruini could be more trying to restrict his opponent’s options. slowly cornering them and constricting their options.