First ever Brickbuild mech. K.M Serie's 23: Moon Rabbit

Hello I’m Kazuma, I’m a samurai from Universe 15, in my universe I found a relm crystal and started traveling the worlds. But we are not here to talk about me but instead about what’s behind me.

Now let’s move to a diffrent location for some better photo’s.

This is the Moon Rabbit Mech the 23rd mech with in the K.M serie’s (Kazuma Moc’s)

It is a one man driven mech. (No clue why it turned the picture after upload)

(If some one know’s why it turns the picture’s to the side after uploading please tell me because this have me confused)

Then we have the weapons
First is the Roar Cannon.

And now for some Action shots

Next is the Dragon wing station.

And finally we have the Moon sword.

And here is an all part’s combination.

And now. the weapons can combine and thanks to an Ai inside the wings can act as a small space station, plane or a tank.


Why is it called “First ever Brickbuild mech.”? Is it your first brick build mech that you made?

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The mech itself looks good, but the picture quality is not great, to a point where I can’t really tell what’s going on.

It looks like you are using a tablet camera.I would suggest using a phone or a real camera.

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Yes this is the first ever Brick build mecha moc that I ever done hence the name.

I used my phone camera, I have no idea why the quality droped after upload, the picture’s even got turned around for some reason.
Here is another picture I took, that I didn’t plan to upload.
I have no idea why the picture where the mech is holding the Sword was the only one after upload that did not get turned around like the other picture’s did.


Beside from the bad quality pictures, this looks pretty nice!


bad lighting…

yeah… it’s a nice moc i guess

It looks like a great moc (lighting aside) but I worry the joints are too thin in some places.

What supriced me after building it, the joints are okay, the problem is that for some reson the shoulder armor falls off aloot for some reson.

After taking a second look at it, the quality of the photos isn’t horrible.
I think it might also be the lighting and background.
The lighting is too dark, which begins to make it hard to see details.
Then, the background is bright and dark, and also messy. A white poster paper as a background would work better.
Other than photo quality and that sort of thing, this is really cool quite good. Keep up the hard work!

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