First MOC attempt/Onua Nuva Revamp

So, this is my first attempt at doing an MOC. It was supposed to be a recreation of the Toa Metru design using parts I had available. But I just kept modifying and changing things until it got to this. Then I gave it the only black mask I currently own. And my friend said it looked like a new version of Onua Nuva.

Yes, it's horrible. I know this build is terrible. It's a floppy mess, parts fall off at the slightest touch, and the proportions are all wrong. So, all that said, let's take a look.

Front view.

Back view

He does have a decent amount of articulation in the shoulders though

And accessories. A Rhotuka launching shield and a multitool; combination hammer, shovel, and claw/pick

I like to think that the ideas behind this were decent, but I wasn't able to really build what I wanted to. If anything, I see it as a learning experience more than a real MOC. Something to teach me what not to do.


With those shoulders there's only one thing I can think of: he can shrug.

great moc, just, i find that the legs are too tall for the body size.

I thought it was that the arms are too short, but I think you're right. It's the legs.