First Moc (Self Moc) Aren Controller of Lightning V1

Hi I’m new to this message board! This is my first moc (that isn’t an inika build) Please give constructive criticism.


For a first MOC he is very well built! The ankles could use some tires though…

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Thank you! I’ll go look for some tires in my collection or order some on bricklink.

Hey, welcome to the Boards!

This is a pretty good first MOC, I’d say. The colors are a good combination, and from the looks of it it’s fairly balanced between keetorange and yellow.

I can’t see much of the interior of the torso, but the Metrutoran chest combined with the shoulder armor looks pretty good.

His head looks a little too far down. If you could lower the shoulder armor or raise the head that would help. His arms are also really long, to be proportional they should end at about halfway down the thighs. But it still manages to look like a G1 Bionicle set, and if that’s what you’re going for then that’s fine.

The gunmetal feet and armor bothers me, as do the silver fingers. If you can get those in black that’d be better.

Also, the Pohatu Nuva claws inside his arms don’t work for me. Maybe find a different piece to armor there, or make an arm design that doesn’t require armoring the inside.

But all in all, for a V1, it’s a great start! Can’t wait to see newer versions, and enjoy the Boards, my friend!

Thanks for the criticisms. I used the because my order that has black pieces for those hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll get black fingers as soon as possible, one of the top things on my priorities. I’ll probably rebuild the arms when I get my new pieces.

As was said before, a good first MOC. The torso and thighs look really solid. Thigh armor isn’t that great though, it’s difficult to successfully use prefab G1 shin pieces with armor. One of the better options in that regard is to take the spiked pieces that are on his upper arms and put those on his shins, could improve him in two ways as those pieces don’t look that good where they are. The Yellow and black color scheme is pretty well done and suits a Lightning-wielder, but I have my doubts about the bits of gunmetal on him. They could potentially work, but they would look better if there was a bit of gunmetal in the torso as well. Also, the silver fingers are a bit out of place, although it seems like you’ve got that covered in future. Another option is to see if you have some black finger pieces and use those instead. Hope this criticism helps, and welcome to the message boards!

Thanks for the criticism. I will take it into account when I update him.

I like him. Nice job.

He’s good, but I’m not feeling any sort of lightning vibe with this guy. It doesn’t work.

Nice MOC

I saw that some of you had complaints about the shin and inner upper arm armor so I switched them. So much better! I also have a better picture of the inner torso.

Exceptionally consistent color scheme, especially for a first MOC.

Aside from the inward-facing pieces on his arms I think this guy looks great, especially for a first MOC. Great work.

I need some kind of idea for weapons. I was thinking dual swords or a katana like weapon. What do you think would fit the design and character in general.

I feel like using dual swords would bring him a bit too close to Bythalis. Maybe an axe of some sort?

Turn the silver and gunmetal to black and his colour scheme would be a lot more cohesive.

Raise the head or lower the shoulders, as his head seems too low down, even compared to Onua.

Make his ankles thicker as well, they’re a bit skinny compared to his legs.

For a first MOC this is amazing :slight_smile:

The chest needs some yellow, but the rest of the MOC is very well done!

Congratulations on moving away from Inika.

Pretty good. Welcome to the boards. @Asriel will be your guide.

follow me sir, I’ll show you the way, your mocs are welcome aswell