First MOC - Ultrio

Here is Ultrio, the warrior of vengeance.

Bonus: From now on I would like to provide the most influential song I listened to while building each of my mocs! This moc was mostly inspired by this song:

Ultrio lives in a universe were the Toa are corrupted, and have taken complete control over Mata Nui Island

Him and his friend were making an ultimate weapon to fight against the fierce Toa, but they had been found out, and the Toa attacked their lab.

Trying to protect his brothers, he equips The Mass Armor, the project they had been working on. Having it on increased his strength by tenfold and morphed his body. He tried to reach his friend in time, but it was too late. The Toa had killed his orange companion, and now wears his mask on his chest to honor him.

From that day he promised to avenge the deaths of so many matoran.

Ultrio prefers hand-to-hand combat, but when it's needed he will draw his sword and fight with full force.

Let me know what you think ^^ He's still my first ever MOC so I apologize for any newb building tactics.


Really cool. The color scheme is a bit odd, but it looks good.


Overall, I think he is pretty good, especially for being your first! I like the idea for the colors, but I think that they could be spread out better. We only see small amounts of dark green in his elbows, and the only black is in his legs. If those colors where spread out into his body, that would be good. Also, I think that the 2009 Gresh mask would work better than the 2010 version. I would replace the face on his back with something else that is smaller and black. I would try to move the orange mask on his chest down a bit. His hands could stick out farther from his fore-arms, or try to push the orange armor back up his arm a bit. Most of these are just nitpicks though. This is still quite impressive! Keep up the good work. I expect another soon. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


Gosh dang it, even a noob builds better than me.

See @Ekorak, I ain't perfect.

Joking aside, this is very very good for a first time MOC. Like, just wow. There's some pretty cool techniques at work in here, and while the legs look a bit too bulky down by the shins (generally thighs are larger) I love it. Orange and green color scheme is the number two bae.


This is one of the criticisms that bugs me the most (no offense). Since Bionicles aren't human, just humanoid, they don't have to have human proportions. Thick shins and calves give the impression that they are sturdy and strong.


So, did Rotor also die in that attack? stuck_out_tongue

Great MOC overall. The colors are well balanced, and I like how you stuck to just three thumbsup


Yeah I can see your point, I all too often argue using the BIONICLEs aren't human thing, but even from a purely aesthetic point of view it seems off, especially with such a thin connection to the feet. I could understand it if it as a more boot-like look, but as it stands (lol) it seems wrong.

But it's a very minor thing and I do greatly enjoy the MOC. =P


Maybe Corex11 could do something to the feet to add to the ankles themselves and make the feet a tad bit bigger to fix that? Maybe something similar to Axonn's feet, but with more ankle?


Man, this is better than most of the things I build, and I've been building with Bionicle for 13 years.

This MoC is awesome. The dark green looks a tiny bit out of place, but it actually blends pretty well with the black. The ankles and feet look a little too small for the rest of his body, but otherwise it's all good. Awesome job!


Cool stuff! smile
Green, orange and black is a weird color pallet, but I like it! Not something you see everyday.
One of the parts I don't really like on this MOC are the ankles.. They're to skinny. But still, great work! Can't wait to see more stuff from you dude wink

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Cool just looks a little weird in places though.

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well, I can say it's cohesive and good looking

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This looks great! The Rotor head in the back is a bit distracting, I will say, but otherwise, this MOC is perfect! The color scheme is unusual but works incredibly well, and the build is completely custom, which is always a bonus. And the fact that this is your first MOC makes it all the more impressive; I look forward to seeing more of your work!


This is really good!

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I like how you managed to work the sword so that it can attach to his back, yet still attach to both sides of his hand.

I also really like the rest of the MOC in general.

Edit: I had no idea until now that Nuva shoulder armor piece came in so many colors.

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That's a VERY nice use of the Pakari. This is your FIRST MOC? That is quite impressive!

The custom body, arms, and legs are quite enjoyable for this MOC. I think it has to be one of my favorites now.


I would have used that instead, but the only set I got in 09 was Mata Nui.
In fact, I wanted to scrap the metru green completely, but I didn't have any black visorak feet and I really wanted to use them.

I'm currently trying to fix his ankle problem :stuck_out_tongue: The way I made the foot attach makes it hard to work around and to get him in a good pose, but I like having a challenge to work around. I think it makes things a bit more creative!

I completely agree with you! The reason I wanted to keep it there was because my entire MOC started on his back. I decided I wanted to build a random backpack out of the abundant amount of orange pieces I had, and the piece that inspired me was Rotor's head, oddly, and as I was building I began thinking of stories of why this backpack existed, and Ultrio was created. To pay my respects to my inspiration I kept him there just for V1.

Funny thing is, that sword was made completely on accident! His original weapon was a sawed-off shotgun, but it really didn't fit him. Just today I was just randomly playing with him and trying to cover any open balljoint or peg, when I found that certain weapons could snap on to that armor piece on his back. I wanted to avoid any silver I could to keep his style, so I decided that the Skrall sword matched him the best. I didn't want him to hold just the sword piece because I thought it would look too bland, so I added the orange piece as a hilt/hand-guard. The hook was added to make it look more balanced, and effective. I do wish I had a second hook so I could make him dual-wield at some point.

Ikr? I couldn't figure out were I had got these until I found out there was a technic hockey line?


Now that's an interesting use of pieces. Good job!


One thing bugs me:
Pakari <--- o_o

The color scheme can be difficult to work with, but I think you can really pull it off if you work on color organization, such as improved blocking and layering.
As far as the actual build is concerned, nice work.