First Order - Shadowtrooper

I think you could call this a tablescrap, I used pretty much everything from the Stormtropper but the head, so I just painted it black, put it in a black body and called it a ShadowTrooper, and that’s pretty much all


You can fix this by changing the background from white to something darker. Not black, but like a darker-than-grey grey, or something.

This looks great!

Do you think it looks better now?

You can definitely see more of the parts where the light hits it, yeah. I’ve done the same kind of thing with this guy

He’s pretty much all black, and the pictures don’t really do him justice, I feel. I still don’t exactly know how to get a good picture of an all-black moc, but I’ve been told that the #1 thing not to do is use a white background.

In terms of your moc itself, it’s basic if nothing else, but the paint is very accurate, and I like it. It’s got the right shine to it.

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Cool. What paint did you use?

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