First page of a Bionicle comic I made a long time ago

Okay so a little bit of context here. This was the first page of a Bionicle comedy/drama series I was creating. I am no artist and I don't pretend to be and maybe my "artistic talents" are almost insulting to those who actually poses any. Regardless I has some pretty interesting ideas on where I wanted to take the story and I am thinking about continuing from where I left off. There is more than this, but it's on a different computer and this was all I had uploaded onto my Imgur account . Might have to start those other pages again, but alas.

I wasn't really sure if this should be posted in Art Work or Comics, seeing as it isn't a completed piece but I settled on comics for the safest bet.

Anyway so now onto the plot:

Basically the what you see here is something that some might notice as a sort of parody to the first page of the very first Bionicle comics. The joke was that it was actually toys acting/filming out this scene because all they wan't to be is real toys. But. much to Kopaka;s annoyance his best friend Avak manages to mess the scene up. The main story was going to be about six toys:(Kopaka, Avak, Macku, Kalmah, Gorast and Nuparu Mahri) somehow getting sent to the "real" Bionicle world and possibly finding out that what they had dreamed isn't necessarily what they had perhaps wanted.

Let me know what you guys think and if you would be interested in seeing more.



It's pretty good.

I feel A bit Uncomfortable that the Akaku has a mouth
I know the Films done this but on Kopaka it just makes me cringe

Hey come on, there are only so many ways I can portray emotion as a sub par artist. :wink:

What even? Cool Akaku, though.

Pretty good for "long time ago".

Believe me when I say my skills have not improved.

Avak is my favorite part.