Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location full body Bonnie puppet

Since sister location came out ive been kind of dissapointed that Funtime Freddy’s bonnie puppet had no legs so i wanted to give him legs so he could… you know… Walk on his own.


That fits pretty well, and I’m pretty sure moves in game without Freddy’s help.

I’d say they look pretty good!

Apparently in the game though (Except for what we saw in the custom night teaser) Bonnie can’t move from Freddy i’m pretty sure hes peering from over-top of Freddy so i thought giving him legs was a good idea.

I always kinda assumed that he has a load of tubes that stick out of him that connect to Freddy’s hand that let him move.

Your thinking about ennard if he got rid of Bonnie’s endoskeleton and got inside…

Well no they all have this kind of cabling and tubing underneath them, if Bonnie is attached to Freddy’s hand (and when removed Freddy has no hand) that it’s likely that Bonnie has parts that connect to Freddy’s arm so Freddy can control him, or at least act as a charging dock.

But Bonnie is his own separate entity. as we see in that night he gets off Freddy’s hand and crawls on his back… He crawls… he doesn’t walk

Well yes I wasn’t saying he wasn’t, but he still connects to Freddy’s hand, he most likely has some connection to Freddy’s systems though.
Hopefully the custom night update will answer this.

Here’s another way of thinking of this… basically these legs attach onto Bonnie… Like how he just attaches to Freddy…

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Oh I know that, I’m just trying to figure out how he moved without legs.

He climbed all over Freddy’s back… when i said crawl i meant climb too…

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