Flag, Delete, Flag

I have had a post flagged yesterday for being a bit unfriendly (for those who didn’t get the joke or don’t know what the word “sarcastic” in the post means, the person I was replying to understood). After the flag I found it best to delete it because it wasn’t worth editing, but for some reason overnight it was flagged again. You can’t even see a deleted post so why was it flagged? If the site allows this, a post can repeatedly flagged for the life of the site even if it’s deleted. :frowning:


This is a borderline site bug topic

Indeed it is, moving to Site Bugs.

Well it feels more like bad policy not a bug, because when you delete it says “will be removed in 24 hours unless flagged” which means flagging a deleted post is part of the way the policy of flagging works.


Like this?

Edit: See below…

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Has it been determined if anything should be done about this?

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And, why is my post still here?

It’s annoying me…

I’m gonna flag it!