Flaming Warrior

No one knows his name, only that he wields two burning boardswords, and has armor of gold. He protects the Matoran of Mata Nui from the shadows, and from hidden threats. He has gone toe to toe with the time traveling Mowaka, and has beaten and lost to it.

He has golden armor, and two gold broadswords, the other end of the blade is made completely of fire, which he can control. His mask power is unknown just like his name. He does have custom handguards on his swords.

I have been meaning to post him for awhile, but just got back from vacation. Please leave comments and criticism. I am already working on improving his back.


Could use some technic to build the back but nice.


Its kinda simple, but not bad

Thanks for the feedback, and I tend not to use technic pieces due to lacking experiance.

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It’s good especially the swords, but the back could use some 2015 add on shells like Ekimu had.

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I would use them if I had them, sadly I do. I do not have any.

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The back could use some more armor but this guy is flaming :wink:

Nice pun, the back is something I mean to improve, as there was going to be a weapon holder on it, but that fell through…

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