Fleck: The Mutated Fly


This was once a peaceful fly but was mutated by the venom of a rare flower which knows not of.

Natural Weapons: Blade Wings, Stinger, and Blood Suck Mouth.


I like it!
I would say that the green in the mask/face stands out negatively from the rest of the MOC, but I think that the distinction sort of adds to the personality of the piece. It gives it an almost comedic vibe.

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I really like the overall look of it, and I think it definitly looks insectoid, though the mask is what turns it off for me... maybe if there had been some green included in the rest it wouldn't be so bad, though I think a custom head would have also been great here.

i like it but im nor a fan of the super hollow wings, id try to fill the centers

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Sir, there is no such thing as a peaceful fly.

Love how well the Gorast head goes with the build. Legs could use some spiffing up, but otherwise, nice bug. ^.^

The neck is kinda awkward.

I feel as though it needs more green to balance out the head, but build waist this is pretty nice. The torso (thorax? Whatever) seems a little gappy, though, and it would look better if the joints connecting the Skull Scorpio legs to the body were all the same color.

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I would use the green lightning parts from the protector of jungle's bow to fill in the empty wing spots.if you have it. It just needs one piece of green on the abdomen

The use of Gorast's mask is very fitting.

Time has not treated Gorast well.

Actually quite good, but the stinger really bothers me.

Overall look is pretty solid. The Thorax should be wider and/or rounder though

I like,the vibe