Fluminox - Royal Armor 2016

Did some tweaking on him and I had him complete for a while now, but things came up and prevented me from taking pictures.
And before it’s pointed out, I know there is a shadow, didn’t darken my room as it was a storm outside and seemed dark enough already.



While I like the colors, the build is quite cluttered.

why don’t you just post all the images instead of posting links to all
but the moc looks good

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I can imagine Ikir going on a Bud Not Buddy style journey to find his father Fluminox…


Its a nice MoC, and you can still recognize that its Fluminox. However, the build does leave much to be desired. 9/10.

Very cool indeed.

He should be able to unite with Ikir. That would be cool.

I’m not sure how well the Chima custom head mold would fit with the Elemental Creature Unity head

Be pretty amazing to try though.

I’ll check it out once I get the time.

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The wings look like spider webs instead of wings. :disappointed:

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The waist is…uhh, a bit odd. Can’t really go for it because it looks so off to me.

Wings are also really awkward but LEGO wings are hard to pull off so I won’t kill you too much for them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know, if I can I’ll use cloth when possible.

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Cloth works on bat wings, with bird wings, you gotta have the textured feathers. so more feathers on them wings is the way to go.

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