Flynn's Arcade: 10x10 System Vignette

Simple 10x10 Vignette made using a Q*bert custom arcade machine I bought from BFNJ 2016, which the other machines are loosely based on, using official prints + stickers I printed myself (shoddily). It features a dad taking the kids off mom’s hands, then giving in to his inner kid (like so many of us on this site) and joining his children in the fun!

I have no idea why the photos are upside down… Mods help me…


The images go from sideways to upside down. It’s an epidemic.

Anyway great MOC. I love how it works.


Those “Q*Brick” details are hilarious!

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Thank you!! @waj

@Invader_Rose and @Rocka99, I’m glad you guys like it!


Full of character. Well done.

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If this is Flynn’s, where’s Tron?

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I wanted Tron to be perfect when I put it in, and my “skills” to make stickers is not perfect, so Tron won’t be in there for now :sweat_smile: