Folk: Bolvar the Forge Master

My favorite part is the symbol on the chest, although I am rather proud of the thing as a whole :slight_smile:

Next up: @Yveran 's self-moc


That’s pretty darn cool, I really like the smoke effect.

I just liked the idea, it was kind like with destrucus this idea of the sole coming out of the dude himself

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Edited title to remove unnecessary details- CHAAANGE_GETTA_ONE

Also, summoning @TheRed1s

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The original topic is already called that :confused:

Then add on something like “drawing” to the end. Don’t sign your topic names. Also, don’t use the @(username) in the title, since that does nothing.


oh, wow. this looks awesome. nice work man. I really like the Nordic vibe


Nice voice :slight_smile:

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ya, makes for lovely shower singing =P