Folk: @Kestoro's self-moc (request)

Gotta say, I really liked drawing that little guy :slight_smile:


I really like this!

Btw thanks hutere for all the support, all your comments are very appreciated !

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Woah, this is awesome! Thanks so much!

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I think the vizor and the scarf worked really well. Happy that you like it to the point of making it your profile picture :slight_smile:


This is really good as with all the others. I’m still amazed at how fast you’re getting these out

So does my girlfriend… :frowning:
What were we talking about?

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Ironically, he has had a visor as well as a scarf in the past.

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Man Folk, you never cease to fail.

Great work as usual.

I think you messed the wording up, unless that was a joke of some sort…

Well I didn’t sleep the night before so uh…maybe.

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I love the personality you put into this guy!

Awesome work as always! :thumbsup:

Lovin’ that mask.