Folk: @Sammythekat's self MOC (request)

I’m rather happy of how it turned out, even though I am not quite sure of if I interpreted the character properly… Either way, leave your thoughts!

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#Edited title for typo
#-some random scrub

Its pretty dank, I like the rose XD

Thanks buddy I didn’t notice!

the 1st image is broken.

What do you mean?

the first image isn’t showing up; it’s showing a tiny X.

It’s okay it’s just a picture of the original moc. Can you see the drawing?


remember what I said in the pm:

“I always have the loincloth, Cape optional”?

I didn’t get it when you said that X) oops

hope you like it eitherway

looks good enough.

Sorry again dude. Apparently I could have done better. I thought I nailed it, I was constantly listening to the music you had sent me that went with it


It’s ok. The thing still looks good, don’t get me wrong.

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Looks legit.

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