Folk: @thefallenfell 's Bohrok Buster!

Hands down my favorite Moc ever! An incredible amount of personality, and a striking appearance! everything I love, I just had to draw it. Huge props to the creator, go check out his stuff!

@thefallenfell : Bahrag Buster? :blush:


Hm, good work!

“Not a poet” Great quote.

Absolutely fantastic. I love the addition of the Mata Nui stone on the Lehvak Kal shield.

@Stoax @TheDarkFlame Oh hey, you guys notice 2 of the three easter eggs in the drawing gg :slight_smile:

Does he have a kill count on his chest?

Hey that’s right you guys found everything :slight_smile:

I’ll make it harder next time I do something this huge

deleted, mate.

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18… Man, Nuparu’s been busy!

You keep making this amazing art!
It’s so good.

Love it

10 outta 10.

I love how it says ‘not a poet’ on the front of the cockpit.

So sorry I didn’t see this sooner this is great